Remote Voice Over Facility

To respond to the changing needs of our clients we have developed a facility for entirely self operated voice over recording. We simply ship the equipment to your presenter/voice over artist, they record the voice over at their location, and our courier comes to collect the equipment when they are finished.
For more information, pricing and booking, please contact us
or call on 07792 517714.
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  • Compact - our entire setup fits in one small flight case
  • Easy to Use - we configure the equipment to your specifications before we send it out,  so when it arrives it's ready to simply plug in and use. Once set up, it's literally a case of just pressing record and you're rolling.  Our choice of microphone goes right next to the mouth so there's no complications with mic placement to think about, the operator can just concentrate on their script and delivery.
  • Fully Supported - our team are always on hand to offer support via phone or video call.
  • Industry Standard - our equipment is used by sound recordists the world over - the microphone pre amps and recording quality are absolutely uncompromised for this portable system.
  • Sanitary and Safe - we take safety and hygiene seriously. All our equipment is always carefully sanitised before we send it out, and we supply alcohol wipes should you wish to clean it between uses.
  • Choice of Microphones - we have a selection of microphones, suitable for use in almost all working environments - we'll tailor the setup to your needs.
  • Producer's 'Talkback' Input - a second input allows a remote producer to direct the operator from Skype, Zoom, or a mobile phone. Their voice is fed directly to the operator's headphones and is recorded as a separate audio track, so they can leave notes for your editor or dubbing mixer.
  • Easy File Transfer - once you're finished recording, simply plug the included USB stick into your computer and drag the files across, ready to email to your editor/mixer.
  • Bespoke Options Available - we can install semi-permanent voice over and communications systems at any location, to your specifications. We'd love to discuss your project with you - just get in touch!